[Dshield] [OT] Naughty File Detector

warpmedia warpmedia at comcast.net
Fri Oct 3 02:21:57 GMT 2003

Just block the users ability to install them in the 1st place. Put in a GPO 
with a know list of bad or OK programs, etc...

At 13:57 10/2/2003, Carl Inglis wrote:
>On Thursday 02 October 2003 17:00, John Hardin wrote:
> > If you want to take a step towards earning your BOFH spurs, set up a
> > monitor on the firewall to automatically completely block all traffic
> > from the host that sends an outbound packet to the default P2P port
> > number, and alert you via email.
>You wouldn't be thinking of FTWall would you? :-)
>I've got to make this minimum change, and AFAIK this company is all Win2K
>except the routers & firewalls, and I don't know what the routers and
>firewalls are, but they sure won't be Linux.

Joshua MacCraw
warpmedia at comcast.net

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