[Dshield] firewall help request

Roman Fomichev from at e-solutions.lv
Fri Oct 3 05:25:54 GMT 2003

if you need cheep solutions(SOHO) try Sonicwall.
If you need REAL protection try Cyberguard. They have a range of products 
 from small to very large.

On Thu, 2 Oct 2003 13:29:58 -0400, Guy Barnum <GuyBarnum at Armscole.com> 

> Forgive me if this is too far off topic but it should be an easy 
> question for most of you on this list.  I simply(?) need an affordable 
> firewall appliance ASAP and would greatly appreciate advice from anyone 
> on the list.  I get conflicting information from sales people and media 
> and have finally been stumped on which way to go.
> I've decided to go with an appliance rather than running more software 
> on our one server we have in house.  We have a dedicated cable internet 
> connection with 1 server and 20 workstations on the network.  I've been 
> told the Linksys BEFSX41 router/firewall (this is my easily affordable 
> range) could be used as just a firewall in front of or behind our 
> current router provided by our ISP.  The Linksys sales person I talked 
> with said the SPI firewall will take care of 'everything we need it to' 
> do (chuckle) in our SOHO setting but couldn't answer my questions about 
> user configuration.  The price is right though I wouldn't mind buying 
> someone else's product as the salesman dumped me off to a tech support 
> queue without so much as a 'good luck'.
> I just hope this is allowed through to the list (please please).  I need 
> to do something now and I don't know where else to go for a straight 
> answer.  Feel free to reply off list to keep the traffic down and I 
> thank you ahead of time for your time.
> Guy
> gbarnum at armscole.com
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