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Ruigrok van der Werven, Jeroen Jeroen.Ruigrok at t-mobile.nl
Fri Oct 3 11:10:49 GMT 2003

> I brought up the
> top-vs-bottom posting bit only as a convenient way to also mention
> that some people might be checking their accounts via wireless (I'd
> recently read something about people using Blackberry devices to do
> that, so it was fresh in my mind).

Here at T-Mobile we're starting to roll them out in the very very near
future, if not already doing so.

Personally I prefer a lot of editing and such to make things legible.
communication should read like a book.  If need be you can always paraphrase
paragraphs in order to shorten it that way you also have a good verification
of whether or not you understood what you were reading.

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