[Dshield] QHOSTS-1 - DNS/Hosts file issues

Michael Leone mcl176 at Psu.Edu
Fri Oct 3 12:17:05 GMT 2003

On my home network I block *purposely* 99% of all ad servers, as well as 
sites in which I have 0 interest for a good reason. I also get very 
disappointed when I have to block a site which I do have an interest in, 
because it went bad.

-Spammers DDossing anti-spam services
-Script Kiddies actually rooting machines
-Communications and Liberal Arts majors exploiting IE

Who would have thought it would come to this?

The Internet is a cesspool. We should abandon it and create a new 
"Internet". Leave the previous Internet as the 3rd world country and 
De-Militarized zone.  An Internet that runs on IPV8. we can rebuild it we 
have the technology. Make it faster, stronger. :-P

Probably also make crimes on the new Internet punishable by "lynching by 
genitalia".  If we instilled that I think that 
Spam/Malware/Adware/Scumware/Spyware and other useless entities would drop 
by 80%.

Michael Leone
loki at psu.edu

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