[Dshield] Problems with email

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Fri Oct 3 15:33:19 GMT 2003

Just wanted to let all of you know what is happening here.  Yesterday one of
the local ISP's got inundated with emails. It quickly overloaded the mail
server, at the peak in was trying to process 4x the normal amount of email
per minute. This caused there mail server to continually crash. They finally
were able to get the system stabilized last night, however they are still
having problems because the mail server is still trying to catch up.

Now today another ISP is having the same problem.  Something has hit their
mail server and has filled up all of the mailboxes.  Not sure why but they
indicate that mail that was sent or received by their users in the last two
years is being resent and received.  The mailboxes have thousands of email
messages in them and the server is intermittently crashing.

Anyone else seeing anything strange with mail servers?  Or is it just the
luck of the draw?


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