[Dshield] firewall help request

George Siegel ges at gesls.net
Fri Oct 3 16:25:56 GMT 2003

Al Reust said the following on 10/3/2003 12:08 AM:

> The primary reason this came about was as I rebuilt the server on my 
> home (cable access) network before I had reinstalled Zone Alarm, 
> literally watched people trying to break into my machine. They were 
> attempting to crack my administrator password. My eventlog showed that 
> my administrator account was locked out due to failed password 
> attempts. Out of curiosity I renamed the administrator account and 
> within 15 minutes watched them attempt to break the newly renamed 
> administrator account. So during this whole evolution, I was happy 
> when the Linksys died. 

On the other hand, I purchased my BEFSR41 about 3 years ago (When the 
price was still in the $200 range) and it's been running full time since 
that time protecting my home network. I used it when I had cable access 
and now I've switched to dsl and it's working there as well. I also run 
Zone Alarm on my windows machines, and in the past 3 years I have not 
had *one* alert from Zone Alarm for anything incoming. I had it set  to 
stealth the ports and had no ports open. Now I have a mail/web server 
running behind it and I simply fowarded the needed ports to the server 
and the rest of the ports are still protected. I've recommended it to 
friends, family and small scale customers without complaint from any of 

> The Netgear was purchased at Best buy for $79.00 with $40.00 of mail 
> in rebates. That was hard to beat. Ease of setup compared to some 
> others that I have configured (family and friends, that is usually a 
> non paid function. So ease of setup and decreased maintenance are 
> important, which usually ends up in a couple of beers or a bad meal. 
> Remote maintenance (tech support) is allowed/disallowed and you can 
> plug in your Internet IP Address) would be 5 stars.

I appreciate the information, I was wondering about these.

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