[Dshield] big question, no answers

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Sat Oct 4 16:43:03 GMT 2003

Good point.
In order for Google to index my ACID pages, the bot has to get past a password
protected directory.  If they can do that, then what is security anyway?

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Subject: [Dshield] big question, no answers

| Good Morning,
| I have a question for the whole community at this point.
| What do you do when you find a pile of IDS sensors via google that they
| probably don't want to have on the open internet?
| I wanted to find out more about the page acid_main.php and did a google
| search on it, and low and behold out of the 800 some hits, about 25% of them
| were direct urls to someone elses ids system, and they didn't make it a
| public page, I could have deleted everything in their MySQL Db or what ever
| DB they were looking at through the ACID pages. j
| Abet interesting, a bit disconserting when there is the ability to do so.
| One would have thought that IDS data should not be trackable via google.
| If I notify, (experience shows) that the Security Pers dont' want to hear
| it, let alone from an outsider looking via google. (I have gotten in trouble
| in the past for my own "good intentions".) If I don't notify, how will they
| correct?
| The groups take on this would be most interesting to hear.
| V/R
| Dan Morrill
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| Dan
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