[Dshield] Problems with email

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Sat Oct 4 17:01:22 GMT 2003

Actually this is a normal behavior, it the client machine is set to leave 
the mail on the Server, I can hookup with a mail client and read my mail. 
The mail stays on the server (the client is not set to remove the mail) 
thus my mail is available from any Internet connection (including my 
neighbors machine if I setup the account). So it does not matter if it is a 
Nix Server or MS Exchange both are set to protect the "Users Email." Unless 
"I" tell My Email client to Remove the mail from the Server!

What most ISP's do not do is monitor the size of the mailbox ( they just 
add more drive space ) and force people to remove the mail (they do not 
even know it is there). A bad behavior of Outlook Express 5.x was, when 
there was a problem with the connection revert to leaving the email on the 
server (even though you setup it to pull/put to personal folders.). So two 
years of email still "is" probably still there. So the problem is probably 
User Education.

Now, the Sys Admin has a Nightmare. They could probably setup a script to 
flush mail older that xx.xx.xx date. Be Very Ruthless! Some users will have 
two plus years of Mail Disappear! and the Sys Admin will regain ten tons of 
drive space


At 09:11 AM 10/4/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>If the past two or three year's worth of email is suddenly being resent,
>  or
>otherwise reappearing this sounds like something entirely internal to
>two ISP's.
>It may or may not be just a coincidence that the
>problem started on Oct. 2, the 207th day of the
>year (end of the third quarter).
>90 days remain in 2003. (one quarter). That might
>be a clue that the problem is date related. The
>email is being reported as new.
>I don't know why these guys are keeping a copy of
>all email in and out for several years, doesn't
>that sound a little Orwellian? Perhaps they will
>have to reformat and lose it all. Kind of like a
>fire in Himmlers' filing cabinet.
>                                Best wishes;  Mel.
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