[Dshield] Verisign fighting back at ICANN

Thor Larholm thor at pivx.com
Sun Oct 5 02:20:45 GMT 2003

So now Verisign wants to protect your privacy .. and I've got a bridge or an
Eiffel Tower to sell, if you're interested.

According to Verisign, ICANN is an organization whose sole existance seems to be
to invade your privacy and spam you to death.


"Network Solutions® Launches Internet Privacy Web Site"

"Currently, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the
non-profit organization formed to assume responsibility for the domain name
system management, requires all domain name holders to provide accurate contact
information-name, phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address-as part of
the public WhoIs database, allowing anyone to look up this information as it
relates to a particular domain name. Network Solutions is working with various
industry and policy organizations to minimize consumers' risk of having their
personal data exploited. "

"By visiting http://www.internetprivacyadvocate.org, consumers will find a
variety of steps they can take to protect their privacy, reduce SPAM and protect
their domain name registration(s) from hijacking and unauthorized transfers. "

Thor Larholm
PivX Solutions, LLC - Senior Security Researcher
http://pivx.com/larholm/unpatched/ - Unpatched Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

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