[Dshield] Verisign fighting back at ICANN

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Sun Oct 5 06:27:17 GMT 2003

Okay I have been putting a cover over the back deck all day and am tired. I 
even had a couple of beers for good measure.

I have had the opportunity to require information about "Who" Owns a Domain 
so I could request they go fix a problem. In some cases the problem was so 
bad a Telephone had to be used. I have owned my "personal" domain since 96, 
yes my email address has been raped. So where was the Concern back then? 
The General Statement is that it was kinder more friendly Internet, that 
did silly things like relay email.

Until last year, I had renewed through "now" Verisign (for profit for the 
stock holders). They wanted to charge me a silly $35.00/year and there was 
really no break if I bought 3 years. My Wife does web hosting and said 
WHAT! Obviously I moved my registrar.. As I moved I got an email and then a 
phone call (they have my phone number).. They ask me why I moved and then 
offered me the same price break that I got from another registrar. Go 
Figure. Yes there was a snag in moving the registrar. They could have said 
that because you are a "valued" customer we offer this..  It goes back to 
what the Stockholders need for profit. Irrespective of what is right/wrong 
or privacy issues. It is Profit! So my opinion would be Verisign is WRONG!

Those issues about privacy were brought ages ago. Suddenly they are "now" 
important. Yes there is way that people that have NIC handles could be 
accessed (records). Then the need for people that are getting SPAM for a 
record that is publicly addressed.  I would say it is a breach of "trust" 
or a need for something they can not solve. Those other silly words come to 
mind also, like Ethics, Integrity etc... Where did they forget them? Sorry 
there is Small Profit in that.

ICANN is Right!

Scrape as I put the SoapBox Away


At 11:28 PM 10/4/2003 -0400, you wrote:
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> > So now Verisign wants to protect your privacy .. and I've got a
> > bridge or an Eiffel Tower to sell, if you're interested.
> >
> > According to Verisign, ICANN is an organization whose sole
> > existance seems to be to invade your privacy and spam you to death.
>That is kind of funny.  They do have a point, though.  IMHO, there's
>absolutely no reason for ICANN to require addresses and phone numbers
>of registrars to be public.  It's not like spammers and other "bad
>people" will provide legitimate information, anyways.  It's only the
>"good guys" that get burnt.
>What's even more humorous is that they bought a .org domain from a
>"competitor." :)
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