[Dshield] Verisign fighting back at ICANN

Stefan Schueller stefan at techdroid.com
Sun Oct 5 19:10:32 GMT 2003

The domains isn't the only place where Verisign "screws" people. Look at the
SSL prices and their payment gateway is over priced as well.

I was a customer of Signio which owned payflow pro for processing credit
cards then Verisign took over and doubled the monthly fees. It would be ok
if I did a lot of credit card transactions but I don't. Sure I could move
but I would have to redo most of my online scripts to use another payment
processing system.

At least I can stay away from Versign for domains and SSL certificates.

According to the verisign site a 128-bit cert is $895.00 per year! I can get
a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium cert for $109.00 per year. How many people
shopping online don't have a browser that supports certificates from
non-verisign vendors these days?

Stefan Schueller
Techdroid Systems

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> Okay I have been putting a cover over the back deck all day and am tired.
> even had a couple of beers for good measure.
> I have had the opportunity to require information about "Who" Owns a
> so I could request they go fix a problem. In some cases the problem was so
> bad a Telephone had to be used. I have owned my "personal" domain since
> yes my email address has been raped. So where was the Concern back then?
> The General Statement is that it was kinder more friendly Internet, that
> did silly things like relay email.
> Until last year, I had renewed through "now" Verisign (for profit for the
> stock holders). They wanted to charge me a silly $35.00/year and there was
> really no break if I bought 3 years. My Wife does web hosting and said
> WHAT! Obviously I moved my registrar.. As I moved I got an email and then
> phone call (they have my phone number).. They ask me why I moved and then
> offered me the same price break that I got from another registrar. Go
> Figure. Yes there was a snag in moving the registrar. They could have said
> that because you are a "valued" customer we offer this..  It goes back to
> what the Stockholders need for profit. Irrespective of what is right/wrong
> or privacy issues. It is Profit! So my opinion would be Verisign is WRONG!
> Those issues about privacy were brought ages ago. Suddenly they are "now"
> important. Yes there is way that people that have NIC handles could be
> accessed (records). Then the need for people that are getting SPAM for a
> record that is publicly addressed.  I would say it is a breach of "trust"
> or a need for something they can not solve. Those other silly words come
> mind also, like Ethics, Integrity etc... Where did they forget them? Sorry
> there is Small Profit in that.
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