[Dshield] Protection against spammer dictionary attacks

John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Tue Oct 7 15:19:12 GMT 2003


On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 08:19:08PM -0700, Wayne Jr wrote:
> Please excuse a dumb question, but if I (as a personal user) bounce a 
> spam email off my ISP's mail server w/o downloading it (with 
> MailWasher), will that stop a spam harvester from getting my email 
> address, or does the mere fact that the spam makes it onto the ISP's 
> mail server (Pacbell in my case) enough for the harvester?  I don't 
> really understand how these things work...  Maybe me bouncing spam 
> doesn't do any good?
> Thanks,
> Wayne Jr

If your ISP has received spam addressed to you, a spammer has your
email address, period.

Your downloading it or not is irrelevant. Your ISP is holding it for
you because it was sent to your email address.


Almost as bad as replying to the bogus "unsubscribe" links: at best
(and it's not good at all) you've confirmed that your email address is
live; at worst, you've bounced it to the poor sap who's email address
was forged as the apparent (but false) sending address by the spammer.

**Never** reply to spam in any way.

You will not ever get yourself unsubscribed, and you will likely just
give some innocent bystander grief he/she doesn't deserve. (Ref:
google for joe-job)

Remember: spammers are the absolute scum of the universe. Nothing about
them is to be believed or trusted.

Spam is why God invented a "delete" key...

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