[Dshield] Protection against spammer dictionary attacks

Hanke Penning hanke.penning at iap.de
Tue Oct 7 15:49:30 GMT 2003

Am 6 Oct 2003 schrieb ronin zum Thema Re: [Dshield] Protection against 
spammer dictiona:

> i have problems understanding how to accomplish the things you say to
> do...would it be possible to out line steps to follow in amanner that a
> neophyte  like me can understand.  iwould really appreciate any help i can
> get.. 

If you are using sendmail as your own MTA add the two lines
to your .mc-file.

m4 /path/to/mcfile > /tmp/sendmail.cf 
creates the new sendmail.cf
backup your old sendmail.cf

cp /tmp/sendmail.cf /path/to/sendmail.cf

restart sendmail
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