[Dshield] Microsoft suit could set precedent for bad software

warpmedia warpmedia at comcast.net
Wed Oct 8 03:25:35 GMT 2003

The tobacco industry was FORCED to put those warnings on cigs & the like by 
the US Government, all the while denying any health concerns (outright 
lies, proven in court). I belive the EULA situation is the exact opposite 
situation where they are telling you the truth that their product is NRFPT! =)

Why, because you pay for it? *nix various flavors have problems also, 
except they are fixed for free

IMHO the software industry is a lot like the chemical industry years ago 
(and some to this day). They make what the public wants without concern (or 
initially, knowledge?) to what it will do to the public's health. Major 
improvements in products & lifestyle follow. Then WHAM! we find out just 
how dangerous the stuff really is and companies are hit hard (not hard 
enough) to clean up their act. Innovation vs. safety concerns, innovation 
comes first and safety lags with the usual argument being the cost of 
fixing the problem. YMMV!

At 16:55 10/7/2003, David Sentelle wrote:

><RANT>So, Microsoft tells you in the EULA that the software's buggy and
>could cause problems.  The tobacco industry for years and years has had
>warnings on their products warning that their product can cause
>Why does Microsoft get to keep their $50+ billion in cash on hand while
>the tobacco industry has to pay out everything it ever earned as a down
>payment just so they can stay in business and pay out even more later?
>I guess what I'm trying to say is that Microsoft owes EVERYONE a
>working and secure OS. </RANT>
>Sorry for my outburst.

Joshua MacCraw
warpmedia at comcast.net

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