[Dshield] Microsoft suit could set precedent for bad software

Mike mjcarter at ihug.co.nz
Wed Oct 8 07:32:16 GMT 2003

Don't forget that the affects of tobacco weren't proven for quite some time
and once that was proven then laws were made/changed.
Could we not say the same for cell phones??? or anything else that we don't
fully understand the consequences of.

I guess the difference is that (as far as we know) software doesn't kill you

I know you could argue that a crashed computer controlling, say, a traffic
light could get you killed in a car accident. And I guess there are plenty
of other arguements about how similar things could happen to you, but that's
not a direct affect, there are many more things involved.

You could also ask "why weren't they paying attention?" Maybe they were
talking on their cell phone and/or looking for that cigarette butt they just
dropped between their legs.

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The tobacco industry was FORCED to put those warnings on cigs & the like by
the US Government, all the while denying any health concerns (outright
lies, proven in court). I belive the EULA situation is the exact opposite
situation where they are telling you the truth that their product is NRFPT!

><RANT>So, Microsoft tells you in the EULA that the software's buggy and
>could cause problems.  The tobacco industry for years and years has had
>warnings on their products warning that their product can cause
>Why does Microsoft get to keep their $50+ billion in cash on hand while
>the tobacco industry has to pay out everything it ever earned as a down
>payment just so they can stay in business and pay out even more later?

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