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Here's a new one - I got this from a friend of mine and I'm not sure what to
make of it.  Anyone have any ideas?

- WB 

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here is a good one for you. 

have  a notebook that has an AOL account on it.  

The IE has decided to have the entire c drive be a web site and placed it in
the restricted site zone. 
so now it only grants access to the c drive if you accept the IE

it refuses to accept any java run codes and if you try to install or remove
software that is not an option as that is not allowed under the set

however you look at the IE setups and the c drive is not added as a
restricted file system or web site. 

the last thing the owner rememebers was the new AOL9 was trying to load and
it aborted.  He just pulled the plug and did not look at the system for a
few days and then found this item. 

really wierd.  AOL and MS sites been no help at all.  it is almost like the
AOL parental contol software has latched onto his system and wont let it go.

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