[Dshield] New critical Windows vulnerabilities

Kolde, Jennifer E. jkolde at nosc.mil
Wed Oct 15 21:34:40 GMT 2003

Note that the "Messenger" vulnerability is NOT in Windows Messenger or
MSN Messenger...it's in the Windows Messenger SERVICE.

The service is installed and running by default in NT / 2K / XP, and is
exploitable via RPC (135) and/or NetBIOS (137 - 139 / 445).

It's definitely a worm-candidate, though I have not seen anything about
exploits in the wild.


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If it doesn't affect Trillian pro 2, then not me! =)

This after they changed the protocol causing havoc with 3rd party clients? 
tsk tsk.

At 14:56 10/15/2003, John Hardin wrote:
>One of these is a BO bug in Windows Messenger. This could get nasty
>(again). Popup worm, anyone?

Joshua MacCraw
warpmedia at comcast.net

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