[Dshield] New critical Windows vulnerabilities

David Vincent david.vincent at mightyoaks.com
Thu Oct 16 18:10:51 GMT 2003

> For those of us without MS certification, does the Messenger service have 
> any function beyond allowing pop ups, and is there a way for a home user
> simply delete the Messenger service from their at home XP, or at least 
> knock it out (renaming perhaps?) while still maintaining functionality of 
> their XP machine for spreadsheets, WP and web surfing?

the messenger service is used by a few apps to send pop-up notices to users.
you most likely don't need it.

as for deleting it, well, that's another story.

you can try DelSrv...
...from the windows 2000 resource kit.  but really, disabling it will do you
fine.  (if you somehow come across an app which then needs the service you
can re-enable it).

start --> control panel --> administrative tools --> services

look for the service named "Messenger".  right-click it and choose
"properties".  click the "stop" button and then set the startup to

voila, you're now "protected".

here's the part where i mention that doing this is no substitute for running
a firewall.  get ZoneAlarm, Kerio Personal Firewall, Sygate Personal
Firewall, or Outpost Personal Firewall.  Google will help you find those.
failing that, you can always use the XP ICF firewall.  sounds like Microsoft
will be making some major updates to it in the next service pack...


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