[Dshield] New critical Windows vulnerabilities

Rick Leske rick at jaray.net
Thu Oct 16 18:26:57 GMT 2003

You could always make a file called stopmess.reg and then have the user just
double click/merge it into there registry.  The probably would need to
reboot but this should work.

...Open notepad and copy/paste this into it:



...Then save the file as stopmess.reg or whatever.


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> For those of us without MS certification, does the Messenger 
> service have 
> any function beyond allowing pop ups, and is there a way for 
> a home user to 
> simply delete the Messenger service from their at home XP, or 
> at least 
> knock it out (renaming perhaps?) while still maintaining 
> functionality of 
> their XP machine for spreadsheets, WP and web surfing?

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