[Dshield] anybody else seen this kind of "terror" messages?

Brenna Primrose c0ntagion at punkass.com
Fri Oct 17 00:09:58 GMT 2003

Yes, I got one of these as well!

Most of the ones following up on it are being sent through open proxy
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 	I received a "normal" piece of spam (it follows) 
I sanitized it for getting it through the list.
 Hi I am running a small website, please come visit me and click on my
 sponsors, this way I will be able to pay my ISP bills.
 The site is here.
 please be patient as the site is only 1 week old and we need money to pay
 for it
 we do have a nice forum though
 Thanks allot
 And I received the following some time later... where they try to use fear
 dunno why or to achieve what...
 You are a p___ head for hacking my site and informing my isp !!! F___ y__
 if your a man you should come here and tell me in my face
 A man needs to make a living you know; now you think my isp is going to do
 something to stop me?
 F___ Y__
 Nice try. I have added your email address to every f_______ spam list I can
 Next time you'll f___ with the right person
 I must say that I never "hacked" this site, even more, I never
been/reported on it.
 Is it "new" that spammers try to use fear? I can't see what the direct gain
 is for them... if any.
 If you want I can send the original email with headers, off list, on
 request. The original message isn't sanitized.
 Are there others that received this kind of emails?

Note to moderator: Sorry to have sent it un-sanitized the first time... I
forgot about it ;/

 M. Bruyere

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