[Dshield] Request for Information re: Linksys Router Logging and Dshield Submissions

John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Fri Oct 17 01:43:16 GMT 2003


of course my first priority goal is to protect my network but once I 
became aware of the DShield service I thought it was a good use of my 
system's resources to become part of the community of interest which 
provides  information to Dshield.

Regarding filtering, it is not at all obvious from Linksys documentation 
that filtering should imply that therefore Dshield should not get such 
log entries. The very fact that the Linksys router turns the entries RED 
when they are filtered  suggests to me that they would be of even higher 
priority for capture by the Logviewer application than they would 
otherwise be and, therefore MORE  likely, not less,  to get harvested 
into the  file that is uploaded by the CVTWIN software to the DShield 

Regarding Microsoft not paying attention to what DShield is doing I 
cannot comment one way or another. Of course they are a big company, but 
I have no idea of how many individuals are on this list who might work  
in the area of INFOSEC either directly for Microsoft or indirectly in 
one of their partner organizations.


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