[Dshield] Request for Information re: Linksys Router Loggingand Dshield Submissions

Sam Node dshield at pfunkjr.cotse.net
Fri Oct 17 12:19:27 GMT 2003

John Holmblad said:

>The very fact that the Linksys router turns the entries RED 
>when they are filtered  suggests to me that they would be of even higher 
>priority for capture by the Logviewer application than they would 
>otherwise be and, therefore MORE  likely, not less,  to get harvested 
>into the  file that is uploaded by the CVTWIN software to the DShield 

John. You already may realize this, but - just in case... 
Your logic is as valid as anyone else's. However, the writer of the
software, obviously, didn't see it that way.

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