[Dshield] Request for Information re: Linksys Router Loggingand Dshield Submissions

John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Fri Oct 17 13:24:40 GMT 2003


that is why I copied Linksys on the email, hoping, despite past  
unsatisfying interactions with their customer care organization, that 
someone there would take the time to look into this "feature" defect in 
the chain of systems that starts with the BEFSX41 and ends with the 
DShield service. So far I have gotten a form type email response from 
them but no substance. Also it occurred to me that there might be one or 
more CVTWIN knowledgeable individuals and maybe even some Linksys 
employees who are on this list and who care enough about this to help 
clarify what is going on.

What I would really like to achieve is a solution where a) the incoming  
filter is enabled on the BEFSX41 to provide my network stronger 
protection, and b) DShield still gets the counts of such filtered 
packets. The workaround solution of "falling back" to the protection 
provided by NAT/PAT is just that, and, in my opinion, not the best solution.

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