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> Has anyone yet researched a way to disable messenger [or anything else]
> via a one-shot, scripted approach, a la a .REG file that just does the
> right thing?  Under NT it seemed as easy as setting a value for "Start"
> somewhere under currentcontrolset\whatever\servicename to 0x00000004
> to mean "disabled", but under 2k or XP it seems a bit more complex.
> Still, this should NOT be hard for some windows wonk to come up with,
> and save countless hours of people wading the goddamn GUI to do it.
> _H*

If you're on a Win2k/Win2k3 domain, you can do this in the domain security
policy. Just select the Messenger Service and disable it for your clients.
It's located in System Serivces. Just define the policy and disable the


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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