[Dshield] Email and Websites Impersonating eBay

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Sun Oct 19 02:23:59 GMT 2003

Johannes Ullrich wrote:

> hehe... little challange:
> how do you know that 'https://secure.dshield.org' is actually associated
> with 'DShield.org', myself or the SANS Institute?

I'll bite...

CN = secure.dshield.org
OU = Domain Control Validated
OU = See www.geotrust.com/quickssl/cps (c)03
OU = Business Registration:
O = secure.dshield.org
C = US

Following the choicepoint link yields:

ChoicePoint Unique Identifier  
CUI: 3723424648 
Domain Name: secure.dshield.org 
Country: US 
State: Massachusetts 
Locality: Quincy 
Organization: DShield 
Organization Unit: website 

So I'll go with "A) DShield.org".


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