[Dshield] Re: [Larholm/PivX] Proxy attackers/hijackers

David Vincent david.vincent at mightyoaks.com
Sun Oct 19 18:27:43 GMT 2003

> Let's be serious for a second and take their first monthly patch 
> > schedule as an example, 10-20 MB.
> Expecting a home user, who is already apathetic about 
> security to download 
> 10 - 20 MB of patches over a dial-up is foolish.  Admittedly John's 
> "gigabytes" is an exaggeration, but 10 - 20 MB is still unacceptable.

which is why microsoft created the BITS Service (Background Intelligent
Transfer Service) and tied it in to the Autiomatic Update service.  together
they will download all that stuff in the backgroud for you.  if you're
surfing sites it should take the time betweeh HTTP GETs and use that to
download the patches (assuming no other traffic).

of course, that means you need to be online for a while for it to complete,
but it does pop up a little icon in the system tray, which if you hover
over, will tell you the progress.

and it even resumes if your download gets cut off (say, because you hung up
your dial-up because you were done for the day).

microsoft knows all this already folks.  nothing new here.  why else are
they thinking of turning automatic updates on by default?

I meet people every week who have never heard of windows update, even though
there's an icon for it right on top of their start menu and they're still
using the same install of Widnows 98 from four years ago.


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