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Mon Oct 20 15:31:31 GMT 2003

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Date: Saturday, October 18, 2003 10:00 PM
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>DCOM and messenger are disabled on all Windows servers, thank you.
>The SQL database server uses unique ports and not the default ones.
>Patches are up to date.
>All unused services are disabled or even not installed in the first place.
>What have I missed?

Applies to Win workstations as well, then look at appling SpyBot S&D w/
downloaded updates, run on a schedule (on workstations anyway - haven't
tried SpyBot on servers).

On workstations - add a good AV  w/ personal firewall, a malicious Java &
ActiveX blocker & daily updates  (at a mininum), set firewall to block all
incoming ports (except allow netbios on the local subnet if your sharing
something, ie. printer).  If you use a net messenger service (MSN, IM, IRC,
etc.) - your on your own!! (for allowing inbound port services - anyway).

WAIT - I'm getting off the subject and you know all this anyway - sorry -
applies to Win workstations also is



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