[Dshield] Re: Re: [Larholm/PivX] Proxy attackers/hijackers

warpmedia warpmedia at comcast.net
Mon Oct 20 19:35:13 GMT 2003

You could payload it on all those lame AOL (and the lesser, Earth 
Link)  discs we get every month by mail and are on every store's counter.

At 13:00 10/20/2003, Nels Bels wrote:
>Make SP, Hotfix, etc CD's available for free at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart,
>Radio Shack for free. Bundle the discs with new computers, give them to ISPs
>to distribute to customers, etc. (I think the the ISPs would be on this to
>save money tracking down virus and Spam spewing home computers)
>That would help at least a little bit. There has to be tons of people that
>would patch but the time to download issue is prohibitive to most "general"
>That wouldn't help  all though.  We still would have folks that wouldn't
>update, but it would help eliminate most.

Joshua MacCraw
warpmedia at comcast.net

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