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John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
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your points are well taken. Of course, in a large network with diverse 
hardware images, and more than one level and or manufacturer of OS's, 
staying "religiously" current is not always so simple, especially if a 
patch breaks something on a material and important subset of the 
machines in question. Thus the point made by another respondent of 
 "testing before deploying" is vital in such nets. This is another 
reason why in Microsoft Networks, the tool I mentioned earlier this 
evening in another post, Software Update Services, is useful, because it 
allows the Sysadmin to better control the rollout of updates. And for 
very large networks, Microsoft has a licensed product (i.e. not 
freeware) calles Systems Management Server to manage software updates of 
all kinds, not just security related ones, as well as other network 
management tasks.

There is an excelent composition that I heard earlier this year thanks 
to Eric Cole at SANS, in the form of a folk tune called "Every OS Sucks" 
by ????. It is halarious and, of course true to its words.  A milder 
title might be "Every Sysadmin's Lament". I suspec an MP3 of it is 
floating out there somewhere but I have not taken the time to find it.


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