[Dshield] Sympatico question - Port blocking?

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Tue Oct 21 15:31:57 GMT 2003

I saw and read the article that was posted earlier about Sympatico disabling
customers that are infected with virii.

I have another question, however. My father is set up on Sympatico, and I
had his machine set up to use remote desktop so that I could get in there
and administer the machine. I set him and some other family members up with
restricted access accounts so that they would be unable to install virus
software etc.

I realize that people do not like Remote Desktop, and probably are opposed
to me setting them up with restricted accounts, but that is not my question.

Lately, I've been unable to log onto his machine. Since nobody can
administer the machine, they can't set up a firewall, or turn off the remote
desktop. Does anybody know if Sympatico is blocking ports like 3389?



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