[Dshield] Microsoft patches

WMAVT@aol.com WMAVT at aol.com
Tue Oct 21 19:15:25 GMT 2003

      I have never use auto anything because I was taught to check "What I 
was Getting" before updating any OS or program. I do not believe all you 
computers need an update for winXP that lets you make movies. No, I am not trying to 
be funny here, No one ever Knows what M$ will send you. I believe if they 
think "They" Need a new way of "Tracking" you they will just give you a new free 
update! If you ever get a New Machine and want to really see what is happening, 
install Zone Alarm from a floppy Before you let the machine get to the web in 
any manner. LOL, You just might learn what M$ is really up tooooooooo. Oh 
some Tracing software is needed also. Then you get to see, no not see as most 
traced out going numbers will come as No such URL or NO Info, M$ does have power!
     Now for the news, I just completed the M$ new patch, guess what port 135 
was still OPEN, 
    Good old Steve Gibson came through AGAIN. For all that want to check to 
see of your patches Really work may I suggest 

   get everything, If you have never use any of Steve's programs Do not Freak 
out when you click on the download, There Is NO EXE. Sure wish everyone would 
write in Pure Language!
            Have Fun Be Good 

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