OT [Dshield] distributing windows updates (was: Proxy attackers/hijackers)

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Tue Oct 21 23:39:45 GMT 2003

By Now this is so far from the Original Topic LOL

But then you add another level of "complexity" to something that Techies 
barely understand and Users (Well We all know that Users Are Stupid!)

The Most Successful things in the world work off the KISS Principle!

Incase some of you do not know what "KISS" is, Keep It Simple Stupid. That 
is the lowest common denominator. All of your explanations should be 
described at that level (and yes most Bosses fit that category, yes it does 
not matter that he has an MBA - they are "Users").

Every layer of complexity that you add as a "Feature" will eventually make 
the program Fully Functional and Totally Useless!


At 06:18 PM 10/21/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Then they should be encrypted by m$ and the decode key made public.
>At 13:47 10/21/2003, Johannes Ullrich wrote:
>> > ...what if some enterprising cracker starts distributing bogus patch CDs
>> > that also install backdoor software?
>>has been done. See the most recent virus ('Swen' ?) that advertised
>>itself as a patch. There have been others like that before.
>>This is also one of MSFT's main arguments to prohibit the unauthorized
>>distribution of patches.
>Joshua MacCraw
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