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David Sentelle David.Sentelle at cnbcbank.com
Wed Oct 22 12:57:31 GMT 2003

I hope this isn't considered product promotion...

NT BugTraq recently had a poll where they asked what people used for
deploying updates.  That led me to the GFI.com website where they have a
free demo of their Network Security Scanner.  (We already use their
FaxMaker product here)  

It is MUCH easier to deploy patches with than any Microsoft tool I've
seen.  Heck, I've tried to get Microsoft INVENTORY tools running (not to
mention reading the output) and had more problems than I've had using
the NSS tool.  It does portscanning, policy auditing, and a bunch of
other stuff, including patching Office on supported platforms.  For a
registered copy which can scan 100 IPs at a whack it will only cost

Its biggest weakness is lack of support for 98, but we're almost rid of
that beast anyhow.  Now to get rid of the XP beast.  

<tangent>Speaking of XP, did anyone see the article quoting the XP EULA
regarding remote control products?  

"Except as otherwise permitted by the NetMeeting, Remote Assistance,
and Remote Desktop features described below, you may not use the Product
to permit any Device to use, access, display, or run other executable
software residing on the Workstation Computer, nor may you permit any
Device to use, access, display, or run the Product or Product's user
interface, unless the Device has a separate license for the Product." 

Assuming the quote is right, it isn't legal to run VNC or even

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