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John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
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regarding your last (tangent) point with respect to the Windows XP EULA, 
of course, this is a  user license rights management  issue from 
Microsoft's perspective. Microsoft does not want users turning their XP 
systems into a  server system without paying the license fees for such a 
system. If you ever use the Remote Desktop Protocol/Program/Procedure 
(RDP) in XP which is, in my opinion  a valuable feature for performing 
remote admin work on a desktop,  you will see that it only allows one 
user to be active at a time, that is, you cannot have multiple RDP 
sessions going on at once. Furthermore, you cannot have an RDP session 
at the same time as a user is logged on locally. The local user has to 
log off, before the RDP session can proceed. Windows XP in fact does 
allow  multiple simultaneous users to be logged on, however, through the 
above means, Microsoft limits the number of simultaneous active 
interactive sessions to  one at a time.

If anyone on this list knows of a convenient tool that  runs under 
Microsoft Windows that would work provide a similar RDP capability for 
Linux, I would appreciate knowing how to get it. I use Redhat Linux 8.0 
Professional with the Gnome GUI so I would like to be able to launch a 
GNOME RDP like session, and not just a simple command shell on my 
Windows PC. I got to believe that if such a tool is not already 
available then it must be in the works somewhere. Obviously, such a toll 
would have great benefits to the administration of a combined Linux & 
Microsoft networking environment.

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