[Dshield] Polish Baloney

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Wed Oct 22 18:10:49 GMT 2003


The BugBear worm can spoof the From and Reply To fields in the emails it


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>  What follows is an email I recieved that says that
> my computer is sending infected emails to everyone 
> in my address book.
> First of all I don't have an address book. And
> second of all there is no email program installed 
> on my machine.
> I use Opera 6.5 Browser, and web based email, that 
> is, I go to emailaccount.coms' website to send and 
> recieve  email.  If I click on a "send an email" link
> while surfing, I get the pop-up message "there is no 
> email  client configured on this machine, would you
> like to configure one now?"  Of course I always say
> no and use Opera to extract the email addy from the
> link. When I installed win98se I purposley left out
> the address book in the config process. I purposley
> declined to install Outlaw Express mail prog.  
> How could I possibly be sending Bugbear to every
> which way and yon??
> Can anybody spot any clues as to what this is all about
> by simply looking at the header??
> I suspect it is some kind of spam but it doesn't seem
> to be selling anything.  Puzzled.
> If someone with my email addy in their address book is
> guilty, how can I find out who it is so I can tell them?
> Thanks in advance.             Mel.  

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