[Dshield] Slightly OT: GMT

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Wed Oct 22 19:10:25 GMT 2003

"Bruyere, Michel" wrote:
> Hi,
>                 Just by reading your post I have 1 thing that comes to
> mind... if you're using MS win2k with AD then you may experience problems
> with user logons as the time is now active part in the logon process....
> It's just a "first" idea thrown away ;)
> My 0.02$
> M.Bruyere

Thanks for the feedback. 

Nope, we do not use Windows for anything "real." In fact, our goal is to go completely M$ free sometime next year. Currently all servers are Sparc/Solaris or Intel/RedHat. Workstations are headed to that or Apple OS/X.

Jon Kibler

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