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first thanks for the pointer to the cygwin site.

Second, regarding your question on   "remote assistance"  here is what 
the Windows help file says about the "remote assistance" service.

         About Remote Assistance 
        Sometimes the best way to fix a problem is to have someone show 
you how. Remote Assistance is a convenient way for a friend in another 
                    location to connect to  your computer from another 
computer running a compatible operating system, such as Microsoft 
Windows XP, and walk             you through your solution.
        After your friend is connected, he or she will be able to view 
your computer screen and chat online with you in real time about what 
you both see.         With your  permission, your friend can even use 
his or her mouse and keyboard to work with you on your computer.
        Both you and your assistant must be using either Windows 
Messenger or a MAPI-compliant e-mail account such as Microsoft Outlook 
or                     Outlook Express. You and your assistant need to 
be connected to the Internet while using Remote Assistance.
        If you are working on a corporate or local area network, 
firewalls might stop you from using Remote Assistance. In this case, 
check with your             network a  administrator before using Remote 

 From this and from reading a short section in  WStanek's  "Windows XP 
Professional Administrator's Pocket Consultant" on this service and on 
RDP (pp145-148) I surmise that this remote assistance service obviously 
bypasses the simultaneouse active user restrictions of RDP. And in fact 
 the procedure for enabling the two services is distinct as explained in 
Stanek's text. I expect there is a Microsoft knowledge base article or 
two on these features as well at the Microsoft www site.


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