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John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Wed Oct 22 22:27:24 GMT 2003


thanks for reminding me of VNC. I actually had installed it on my main 
XP system that I use to manage my lab network  months ago and then 
 forgot about it after running out of time one day to get it working. I 
checked out the Cygwin site mentioned in an earlier post, but that tool 
appears to be more of a machine emulator rather than a KVM (perhaps more 
accurately KeyboardVideoMonitor passthrough) emulator   which is how I 
characterize RDP and the software on which it is based which  Microsoft 
licensed from Citrix.  I will spend some more time on VMC to see if it 
does the trick for me.

For routine stuff I actually prefer the rich graphical user interface of 
Gnome to a basic shell. All those years of Windows and  MAC kind of "set 
the die" for me so I want to have the  full functionality of the Linux 
GUI passed thru my XP system to  my KV&M.  With such software supporting 
Linux then I can avoid installing an even larger KVM (in terms of ports) 
than I already have.

If you manage Windows OS's there is another nice tool available for 
download free from Microsoft called the Virtual Desktop Manager (MSVDM) 
which, when coupled with RDP, makes managing multiple systems from a 
single system much easier. Here, for anyone who is interested, is the 
URL to that software which is one of a number of so called "powertoys" 
available for Windows XP :


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