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Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Wed Oct 22 23:45:13 GMT 2003

At 03:10 PM 10/22/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>"Bruyere, Michel" wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >                 Just by reading your post I have 1 thing that comes to
> > mind... if you're using MS win2k with AD then you may experience problems
> > with user logons as the time is now active part in the logon process....
> >
> > It's just a "first" idea thrown away ;)
> >
> > My 0.02$
> >
> > M.Bruyere
>Thanks for the feedback.
>Nope, we do not use Windows for anything "real." In fact, our goal is to 
>go completely M$ free sometime next year. Currently all servers are 
>Sparc/Solaris or Intel/RedHat. Workstations are headed to that or Apple OS/X.
>Jon Kibler
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While it has been a while, Your Nix based systems can Log in GMT, and 
display a local Time that is convenient to the console user.

Several considerations:

Dual time zone's will require training! Depending you want to confine that 
to administrators only. People are nasty creatures of habit. Use the KISS 

Many daemon's are configurable for time logging format. So depending on 
what you are running that little bit of research for each would help define 
what is going to have to happen.

A reason for local time would be when you pager goes of at 2:00am and sez 
that some server is down in GMT you end up looking at your watch and 
wondering why the time lag ( the times don't match ). It all gets very 
confusing at O Dark Thirty in the morning. Once again that daemon can 
report "local" time.

Yes is a pain to think in two time zones. Having Logging done in GMT and a 
local console time may be the best compromise.  Then You have to "tail" the 
last line of a log to remember your "time offset" to find the time frame of 
the entry compared to your current local time. People are going to say it 
happened about 2:30 "local time"..

To put GMT on a Users Desktop will probably end up in a Revolution.

So if you totally switch, purchase a dual time zone watch or put two clocks 
on the wall (clearly marked). If Nothing else that will ensure that you go 
home on time LOL..



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