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thanks for the lead. I followed it up and learned the author has just 
released a text on the software which, itself, has gotten excellent 
early reviews.

    Managing Linux Systems with Webmin: System Administration and Module 

    by Jamie Cameron (Author)

It looks like it provides a close functional equivalent for remote admin 
to what I am looking for although does not appear to provide remote 
emulation of KVM of my Linux environment.

 I also checked out Citrix and  they do have a UNIX version of their 
Metaframe product but there is no mention cross OS platform capability, 
i.e. having a Windows Client machine providing KVM emulation over a LAN 
to a Unix//Linux server. In fact my cursory look at their user guide 
suggests that the server side of their metaframe product is spec'd to 
only run on specific versions of Unix which they have tested. They do 
have a client product that does operate on Linux however so it looks 
like you can have a Linux desktop system, say, administering a UNIX 
server (see chapter 3 p26 of the user guide at the following URL:


these clients not only perform pass thru emulation  of KVM across the 
LAN but also audio as well.

Interestingly the Unix/Linux clients ("ICA clients" in Citrix's lexicon) 
can work with the Citrix Metaframe server product for Windows. Server 


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