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From: "Stewart, William C (Bill), RTSLS" <xxxxxxx at att.com>
To: <nanog at merit.edu>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 21:31:59 -0500

As a followup to Steve Bellovin's note, to clarify several comments 
people sent to the list, note that while AT&T's email folks decided not to 
take this approach (actually they'd decided that before somebody goofed 
up and sent the draft email anyway, sigh :-), it was never something that 
would have affected inbound email from the Internet to AT&T customers
or outbound email from AT&T customers to the Internet.  

This was strictly for inbound email to AT&T's corporate mail servers at 
att.com, which were getting pounded with much more spam than usual.
We'd rather not lose mail to j.random.salesrep at att.com either, but inbound 
mail is still slow even though they've cleaned up most of the mess.

Technically I guess this isn't operational (unless you're trying to reach 
att.com email addresses), but if they'd done some of the things that 
people thought that the message said they were going to do, it would have 

                Bill Stewart

Usual-disclaimer: this is my opinion, not AT&T's official statements.


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