[Dshield] Weird scanning, weird ports, weird TCP flags..

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Thu Oct 23 20:17:39 GMT 2003

Nick Harley wrote:
> This is a bit of a newbie question but I don't understand your range
> notation: "private address space and ranges like: 0/8, 1/8, 126/8, etc."
> Can anyone tell me how this works? I've seen it in other places as well
> but no one's really been able to give a good explanation.

(I'm sure the list will be flooded with responses to this...)

"foo/n" means that the first n bits of foo are the network address and
the rest are the subnet.  So indicates a subnet of -  See also <http://www2.nolug.org:81/tcp-ip-class/x247.html>


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