[Dshield] Slightly OT: GMT

Alan Frayer afrayer at frayernet.com
Thu Oct 23 22:59:44 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 19:56, Johannes Ullrich wrote:
> > Does anyone else run such a configuration? 
> on some machines. In particular DShield database and frontend machine.
> > Is this a good or bad idea? 
> I think its a very good idea. It makes things much simpler. In
> particular for us it removed some inconsistencies ;-). All of
> the machines I admin are in the same time zone. But even just getting
> rid of DST is a big plus. The 'time jump' easily causes cron jobs
> to be skipped. The 2-3 am timeslot is just too convinient.
> > Will it create other problems? 
> Not if you are consistent. It may take you a while to get used to
> it. In particular scheduling the 'over night' cron jobs requires 
> you to think.

I have to throw one in. I can't speak for Active Directory, but with NDS
(aka Novell's eDirectory) all the servers are synchronized from a time
standpoint already, and adjust themselves to GMT (aka Universal Time
Coordinated or UTC). The workstations then receive their time from the
servers, so everything is again in sync.

If you set the servers to GMT, you end up setting everything else that
way, too, and in the process risk corrupting the Directory through time
synchronization errors. You also get funny looks from users, who are
ready to clock out as soon as they arrive at work. ;-)

I think the Unix/Linux world is not so time sensitive, and as I said, I
can't speak for AD, but if you have Novell boxes, you might want to
carefully rethink that idea.

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