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John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Fri Oct 24 17:47:03 GMT 2003


actually there are some good reasons why I continue to use AOL despite 
the invasiveness of their service as evidenced by the prior news clip..

=> In 9+  years of use I have never gotten infected with malware from 
AOL mail. I cannot say the same about Outlook/Exchange based services
      I have used over the years. In addition the service has been, on 
the whole, very reliable over this period except for a brief period 
about 7 (?) years
      ago when they misjudged market demand and  suffered busy hour 
congestion in their dial up service annoying many users including me.

=>AOL were also early out of the chute to support parental controls 
which is obviously useful in the home to make going online safer for 
children. In fact
     we still utilize this service in our home.

=>AOL have been aggressive in the last year, especially, in fighting the 
spam battle. SPAM filtering is now incorporated into the email service 
offering itself so the user
     does not have to set up their own spam filters unless they feel the 
need to do so. The SPAM ratio on my AOL email account is much lower than 
that of my
     Hotmail account and has been since I set up the Hotmail account a 
few years ago. Hotmail seems to be a SPAM magnet in my experience.

=>Changing providers means changing my email address (the data 
equivalent of number portability in mobile networks). I tend to lose 
track of people who
     keep changing their email. I am not very good at administering 
address books, contacts, or email lists. So I keep the same primary 
email address as a kind of
     courtesy  for my community of friends and professional colleagues.

=>As some of you may be aware AOL  have recently decided to expand the 
Netscape brand to offer a bare bones dial-up Internet service to compete 
     Net Zero/Juno, etc which will provide only one email account as 
opposed to the up to 7 that are provided with the full service.


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