[Dshield] More on Windows Messenger from Yesterday's DartmouthDaily Feed

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Sat Oct 25 15:24:03 GMT 2003

This is one of many reasons I opened then dropped AOL way back in 95 or so. 
  Beware a program that is allowed to modify the system from a remote 
location upon a command from someone you have never met.  On the one hand 
it sounds so neat and easy.  Your browser will always be up to date and 
fully compliant with the latest protocols.  No need to manually hunt for 
patches and upgrades.  Self updating/modifiying.  I don't even like 
allowing the firewall to do things like that.  At least with Netscape 7.1 
auto update is a Y/N choice a user can make.  Closing the Messenger is 
good, but they should ask first.  I wonder how this will work on the LANs 
or WANS where one person who has admin access (like a know nothing 
supervisor who signs paychecks for instance, or that girl who is dating the 
owner, etc.) and an AOL account on their machine.  Will the autoupdate from 
AOL kill the Messenger for everyone else?

Subject: RE: [Dshield] More on Windows Messenger from Yesterday's 
DartmouthDaily Feed
From: "Paul Marsh" <pmarsh at nmefdn.org>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 10:20:26 -0400
To: "General DShield Discussion List" <list at dshield.org>

I understand what AOL is doing/trying to accomplish, not sure if I
agree. This could be a scary piece of business.  I've read people
complaining about what MS is doing to there system when you download
patches.  IMO it's one thing when a OS manufacturer patches a system but
I think it's another when an ISP start tinkering with and OS.  Yes their
only shutting down a service but it does not give me any warm and
fuzzies.  I think we'll here MS chime in on this one.

Just my 2 cents

Thanx, Paul

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