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Sat Oct 25 15:39:40 GMT 2003

    My Post on AOL had "NEW" info that was directed at Security, My reply was 
intended to let everyone running winXp that they could run [use] AOL 5.0 on 
winXp, %.o is the least invasive, and Does not use AOL's Wan Mini Port, witch 
AOL uses to Track people. AOL version also cannot turn off "Messenger"as 
versions 7, 8 and 9 can and will.
I have beta tested for AOL starting with version 3.5.   
   I now see that a made a mistake and assumed that most people would know 
this. Sorry for the missing info that would have let everyone know Why I spent 
so much time getting AOL 5.0 to work on winXP. If you remember AOL was blocking 
6.0 because they could not control or track people as they wanted. They were 
taken to court and LOST!
   The AOL mail issue is a security info tool. I have never allowed "Outlook" 
or MS Messenger on any of my computers for one very good reason, 98% of all 
virus,trojans,etc are written for those programs. Hotmail is just as bad! 
   To learn how to stop hacking and cracking, many years ago I was forced to 
learn how to, what programs and tools the script kiddies were using. It is not 
hard to get into that crowd. All of them were going after MS programs, 
Outlook, MSN Messenger and WORKS back then.
   Again, sorry I assumed that more people would know this.
                       Have fun Be good 

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The number of non-Spam posts I had to reject sky rocketed over the last
couple weeks. There is a tendency to dwell in 'MSFT of not' or more
'pro/con AOL' posts.

While all these threats start out as legitimate security topics, they
quickly degenerate. Sometimes
it is hard to draw the line as a moderator.

Before posting, please ask yourself:

- Is my post related to DShield or Computer Security?
- Does it add anything new to the topic?

I will moderate more closely to get this group back on track.

Thanks everyone for posting!

SANS - Internet Storm Center
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