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dear sir ..............

What ?????????

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>Subject: [Dshield] SANS PPV Webcast
>Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 11:33:13 -0500
>The SANS Institute, sponsor of DShield, is trying a
>new concept. This Friday, we will have a first
>"Pay Per View" webcast. The topic of the webcast is:
>Configuring and Deploying HoneyD
>the speaker is Lance Spitzner.
>"HoneyD" is a simple (and free) honey pot. While it is just
>a simple simulation of a full machine, it is very easy to
>maintain (unlike setting up a complete system) and has helped
>us a lot investigating incidents related to DShield in the
>One hope is that we get a few more people to install it to help
>us gaining more insight into particular events.
>To sign up, and for details, see:
>These webcasts will be used to offer SANS courses about
>special topics to a wider viewer ship then can be reached
>at a conference. The cost per webcast is $25 (about 1% of
>a SANS course ;-) ).
>(even if you can't make it at the specific time, the
>purchase will include access to an archive)
>SANS - Internet Storm Center
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>list at dshield.org
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