[Dshield] From the newbie again

atius tira atiustira at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 28 22:56:20 GMT 2003

Sorry to have to post this but due to my stupidity,I had to reformat and 
reinstall linux mandrake9.1. I had a offer of help from a NielVandekirk on 
the list. But I was composing a e-mail to him. Then lost the system.When I 
tried to reboot it would'nt
give me a GUI. And then the lites on the key board just flashed. I hope I 
did'nt butcher NielVandekirks name too bad,I lost it and his e-mail with the 
system hang and reinstall. I did manage to read alot of what he recomended. 
But if the offer for helping still stands. I think I can formulate some 
intelligent questions now. Thanks in advance. Oh I have the system backup 
and it seems to be stable now. I have installed antivir.And ipchains. Also 
shorewall and port sentry. But I am not sure if I configured them right. My 
original question was about securing a small private network with a win 98 
system on it(little dutch boy with finger in dam).And the inability to get 
bastille to install right on Mandrake 9.1 Thanks again.

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