[Dshield] Logging software for SMC router?

Bob Savage bsavage at rnr-inc.com
Thu Oct 30 12:26:58 GMT 2003

Recently purchased and installed an SMC7004ABR router for my home system (Windows XP and Linux) and just ordered an SMC7004VBR for my son's home network (all Windows).

I bought these knowing up front the logging was "on the light side", but they had other positives, and discussions on this list suggested a lot of dissatisfaction and service problems with both Linksys and DLink.  So far, I like the SMC.  Wouldn't do at work, but for home use it seems fine.  Seems to be blocking what I want blocked and let through what I want let through.  Sure would like to have a better look at the traffic, however.

Does anyone know of any third party logging software for these products?  I Googled and didn't come up with anything.

Bob Savage

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