[Dshield] Per-to-peer networking for a valid cause? Inexpensive? Effectiveness? Risks?

Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Thu Oct 30 17:36:16 GMT 2003

Since I am suspicious about solutions relying on peer-to-peer (P2P)
networking, would appreciate seeing views by gurus, with aspects and
in-depth thoughts on the anti-spam issue and the proposed solution
particularly (please see links below), as well as validated information
on possible alternatives with excellent performance and price ratio,
with emphasise on performance.

Also interested in reliability and security viewpoints, especially
concerning relying on a peer-to-peer (P2P) solution.

The suggested approach is commercial. However, the significant customer
bases (exceeding required critical mass) for both companies involved
possibly impact on the success of the spam fighting solution. 

Cloudmark's SpamNet and Zone Labs' personal firewalls:

SpamNet client base over 600000 (six hundred thousand) and Zone Labs'
client base possibly 22000000 to 25000000 (22 to 25 million) users.

1) Comments?
    + pros
    - cons

2) Alternatives?

3) Comparison between possible alternative(s) and this P2P solution?

Thanks in advance for enlightenment on anti-spam solutions.


     "An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes 
       that can be made in his subject and how to avoid them."
         Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976); German physicist.




"SpamNet is the first and largest group of people - more than 600,000 -
whose members collaborate in real-time to fight spam. Because of its
community based peer-to-peer filtering model, SpamNet keeps over 95
percent of spam out of users' inboxes automatically, so spam doesn't
waste time and money. Zone Labs will immediately bundle SpamNet with the
online sales of ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Plus. Existing Zone Labs
customers will receive an offer of a special, discounted price to add
SpamNet to their Outlook email clients."

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